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About Me

Hi, I’m Jane! I’m a mother to a spicy 6 yr. old who I’ll always call my bebe. And a tiny rescue pup, named, Bear.

In this space, I Write, Cook and Create. Following the philosophy ‘Less is always More’ and ‘Quality over Quantity’ for everything.

Welcome! As I brave the land of everything mommy and baby, all in sunny Los Angeles, where we now call – home.

Bebe and Bear




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*Disclaimer: This is a personal blog written from my perspective and experience. All opinions are my own. I am not an expert in health, babies or pregnancy. All pictures are credited if not my own. Please contact me if you wish for a picture to be removed and I will happily do that for you. Thank you.*

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  • Cute Mom! Cute Baby! Mine is 38 🙁 lol Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipes, cannot wait to try them. “Let thy food by thy medicine”, it works. Good luck on your food venture. Take care dear!

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