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Make Your Kids Their Own Kid-Friendly Cheese Board this Thanksgiving

Let’s get real. Everyone loves a good cheese board. But what’s worse than getting to the cheese plate too late when everything is gone? Getting there right after a swarm of hungry kids with their grubby little hands. Haha. But seriously, I love the idea of making the kids their own kid-friendly cheese board. Which is what I’m planning on doing this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: Make the Kids their own Cheese Board

I tried to make it kid-friendly and put together some simple crackers and cheese with grapes and dried fruit. (Dried prunes and dried clementines). Some roasted almonds with dye-free chocolate candies. And of course some tangy, crunchy mini cornichons. (The dye free chocolate and cornichons, you can find at your local Trader Joe’s).

Thanksgiving: Make the Kids their own Cheese Board(for your convenience, affiliate link)

I used fruit and vegetable cutters to cut out some uncured natural chorizo into heart and star shapes to make it a little more fun. And to put everything together I used these cute miniĀ sushi boards.

Thanksgiving: Make the Kids their own Cheese Board

Isn’t it adorable? Yes, I call food adorable. My daughter and her friends loved it. And felt very grown up, at that.

Thanksgiving: Make the Kids their own Cheese Board

As a special treat — paired with a glass of fancy sparkling apple juice.

Thanksgiving: Make the Kids their own Cheese Board

The options are endless. These were some of the things I had on hand, but any kind of cheese and cracker with a variety of different fruits are great. I would even add some veggies with hummus, olives if your kids like olives. Different kinds of nuts if there are no allergies. Cantaloupe cut outs in different shapes are always popular too.

So this fun, kid-friendly cheese board will be one thing on our Thanksgiving kids table. What are some of your plans?

Which reminds me, I’ll also be making these bite-size pumpkin biscuits too. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

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