Simple Candy-Free Easter Egg Ideas

If there’s one thing that doesn’t go old in our house, it’s beads. My daughter loves making jewelry. As do I. And I thought, why not fill some clear plastic eggs with beads and string. It’s colorful. It’s shiny. It’s not as good as candy, but hey – there will be enough of that going around this Easter.

I found some Easter colored beads of different shapes and sizes, and some pink string. And found these cute bunny shaped eggs.

Just like my Halloween Beads & String, I wrapped the lace around the egg and tied it into a tiny bow.

You can use any kind of string as long as the beads can fit through them. You can find a variety of different colors here.

I bought the beads at Michael’s, but this pastel bead set is also a great alternative.

And the eggs, I found at Albertson’s in the Easter aisle, but here are some that I found that are similar.

I’ll be putting one of these cuties in my Easter baskets this year. Along with some other goodies.

Like — glitter to decorate eggs, candy covered chocolate eggs, Annie’s organic bunny crackers, sidewalk chalk, a blue stuffed bunny animal, and some tiny Easter chicks.

So simple, and so cute.

Happy Easter, everyone!

*Always supervise little ones when playing with beads.

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