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Preschool. OMG Preschool!

Guess who’s starting preschool next week? Weeeeeee!

Starting Preschool

Nickname: Huns Buns. Buns. Hunny Bunny. Bunny. Pumpkin. Pumpky. Loves. Els. Bells. (Ok, so it seems … the shorter and rhyme-ier the better).

Favorite Color: Pink. Pink + Purple. Then just pink.
Favorite Sport: “Swimming.”
Favorite Food: Rice. Pizza. More rice.
Favorite Pastime: Arts n’ Crafts!
Favorite Game: Big Sister, Little sister. (She made it up). I’m always the little sister.
Favorite Dessert: i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m.
Favorite Memory: Canada.
Favorite Place: Nordstrom’s kids shoe section (*Free balloons).
Second favorite place: Kidspace.
Favorite Word: Seriously. Like – “I’m hungry. Seriously.”
Favorite Reply: Of course. “Can you pass me that garbage?” “Of course.” “Now remember, no grabbing.” “Of course.” “Can I have a bite of your popsicle?” “Of course.” “Did you remember to pack your doll?” “Of course, mom” =)
Favorite Book: Any of those really LONG Thomas the Train books that I constantly have to filter from the scariness of it all.
Favorite Character: Henry. (Thomas the Train) Although sometimes it’s Gordon. But never ever is it, Diesel 10.
Favorite day: Sunday Funday with dad. Also mom’s favorite day. Mom’s rest day. Ha.
Favorite fruit:  Cantaloupe.
Favorite veggie: Carrots.
Favorite toy: Magformers + Puppy.

And, my favorite quote from this year:

ME: Now that you’re three, you get to start preschool.
ELS: … I think I’ll just stay 2 and a half.

Happy Back to School everybody! Let’s see how much changes next year…


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  • It’s good that she is going to preschool, as she will learn several new things. In preschool, kids have a lot of fun and they learn lessons at the time of playing.

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