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Marking Milestones: Year Three

I wish I had thought of marking milestones on year one and year two, because three is a winner. I’m sure the first and second year would have been even better.

This year, I can’t help but share and brag. Because if I can’t showcase these monumental moments, then what of me? What will become of my memories, but a fleeting existence of what once was… Let’s face it, I’ll probably be doing it all over again, (this whole motherhood thing) no fault of mine, (because where do those first year memories go anyhow?) but this time, I will document it.

Year Three:

Milestone 1.
After a dozen close calls, maybe’s and what if’s… It has finally been done. Our first permanent ink stain on our once pristine, immaculate beige couch. You’re not really asking who did it, are you? 

Milestone 2.
364 days later, hubby and I, had an official date night out. It happened to be the Oscar’s, so I didn’t complain. It just so happens, 364 days prior, it was also the Oscar’s, so I couldn’t, by the ‘be grateful Gods’ complain again. Let’s see what happens 364 days from now…

Milestone 3.
My husband has finally given up on the idea of having a clean car.

Milestone 4.
I finally looked in the mirror long enough to realize, I’ve lost all sense of what’s in and what’s out. *Perhaps this is more a regression than a milestone.

Milestone 5.
My 3-year-old has learned how to meticulously time her flatulence to when her rear is close to my face.

Milestone 6.
She’s finally overcome her fear of pooping in the toilet, to becoming a never-ending pooping machine.

Milestone 7.
She had her first lollipop. And now, has foolishly sacrificed her 3 year’s worth of vocabulary for the word, lollipop. 

Milestone 8.
Speaking of overcoming fears, she also overcame her fear of hairdressers. Only for us to rejoice and then very quickly realize we have to pay for them. And they’re the same price as mine.

Milestone 9.
S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G out words is not as effective as it used to be, since she precocious-ly deduced that I-C-E -C-R-E-A-M is well, ice cream. Same goes for C-O-N-E… P-I-N-K-B-E-R – … You get the picture.

Milestone 10.
She can open the fridge. Pour her own water. Put on her own clothes. Decide which shoe is for which foot. Press for real answers, not make-believe. And I just want to hold her. (In my lap as she stays still for long forever cuddles which I know is just a pipe-dream but still…)

Because it’s going too fast. Man.

To milestones…

Marking Milestones: Year Three







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