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A Year in Review

I have heard that once you have a child, the days will be long, but the years will zip by you. It’s really quite true. I can’t believe 2012 has come and gone, my hair is still disheveled, my home still chaotic and my little darling is two! She has gone from quietly mewling, every 2 hour nursing, crawling to cruising to walking to running, babbling to talking to screaming to talking non-stop, licking, gnawing then exploding with senses, asking relentlessly who, what, where and why, stomping, pushing, pinching, hugging, kissing, canoodling, saying ‘i love you,’ batting her eyelashes with intention and growing, oh my, right before my tired little eyes. Here’s a little year in review…

Credit: Thomas Lee // Photoessay Photography

And my favorite: Els, one year ago, and now.


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