Who Says Glitter Can’t Mix With Halloween?

Halloween Crafts
For those of you who know me, I’m a wannabe ‘minimalist.’ I try to live by the philosophy ‘less is always more.’ And ‘quality over quantity’ for everything.

Except when it comes to crafts.

I love EVERYTHING about it. And ALL of its colorful clutter.

For every occasion, (Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc…) I binge buy anything holiday related so that my daughter can create anything she desires.

Halloween Crafts

Shiny Beads & String.

Halloween Crafts

Giant Pom Poms. Yarn. Paper. Glitter.

halloweHalloween Craftsencrafts

Masks & Fuzzy Stickers…

I mean, this is just some of the stuff.

Usually, to keep all of it somewhat orderly and at bay, I organize everything into bowls and glass jars. I then lay them out on our table for easy access. Subsequently, while trying to find some bowls to hold all of my addictions — I came across this NIFTY little video.  (You have to click to watch how cool and easy they make it look.) And decided to try and make similar glitter bowls in Halloween themed colors to hold everything together.

Halloween Glitter BowlsAll you need is some Mod Podge, Foam brushes, balloons and glitter.

Halloween Glitter Bowls

Mix the mod podge and glitter half and half. Paint thick coats, 3-4 layers, letting them dry couple hours in between. My 5 yr. old was totally able to handle this.

halloweencrafts6Halloween Glitter Bowls

Once dried overnight, pop the balloon, trim the edges and TADA!

Halloween Glitter Bowls

Glitter bowls.

Halloween Glitter Bowls

You can make them big or small depending on how big you make your balloon.

Halloween Glitter Bowls

They are obviously not that sturdy, or at least mine weren’t, but will definitely hold steady for the month of October. And my daughter has an entire month of Halloween to get messy and go crazy creating, crafting and letting her imagination take over – Wild.

Halloween Crafts

For more Halloween glitter, check out our glittered Halloween pumpkins. Super sparkly. And easy.

Happy month of Halloween!

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DIY – Hot Cocoa Mason Jars and Homemade Cookies

My life is pretty simple. And simply put, there was a life: PRE-PINTEREST and then a life AFTER PINTEREST.

It’s ridiculously addictive, time ceases to exist, and afterwards, you feel like a well-schooled crafty machine.

Which comes to how I made these little beauties for our lucky neighbors for Christmas, who besides my home and daughter, happen to be my Pinterest guinea pigs for the moment.

I saw a lot of different versions floating around for DIY Hot Chocolate gifts. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I used a mason jar and layered some Hot Cocoa, marshmallows, and crushed candy canes and put a ribbon on it. So pretty! (To get the crushed candy canes, I just crushed whole candy canes in a big ziplock with a hammer). I also saw these Martha Stewart cookie boxes at Michael’s and grabbed a pack since they were on sale, (yay!) and baked some homemade ginger snap cookies.  The package came together nicely, and the layering of each cookie with a piece of square cut tissue paper really made the difference – aesthetically speaking that is.

With these, you can fool anyone into thinking you’re a clever, crafty little thing. Which in fact, is what Pinterest precisely is.

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