Preparing for Preschool: What you Didn’t Expect

There’s a children’s book by Rosemary Wells, titled: Mama Don’t Go! If you aren’t familiar, it’s about a little girl named Yoko, who’s excited to start school and make new friends. But the problem is, she doesn’t want her mom to leave. So she stays. Eventually, they take baby steps, until one day the mom says she needs to run to the ‘store’ and buy some ‘milk,’  but that she will be right back. In the story, this works. And when she comes back, it helps reinforce that she ‘will always come back.’ Sweet, isn’t it?

Sounds kind of like the story of us – my daughter and I. Except, my daughter could never be so easily manipulated, nor tricked. It’s worth mentioning, I’d also bought her this book in preparation for preschool, and after one night of reading it, I found it in our garbage can the next day.

Needless to say, today, was the first day after many weeks of staying at her school for me to try and get a quick ‘coffee,’ as my first attempt to start the transition and ease her into school without my presence. Let me just add, her personality is fierce, and leans more towards the kind like: I wanna come with you. Oh, I know you’ll come back. I just don’t want you to go. Period. She knows what she wants. She’s sharp. And has eyes and ears in the back of her head. It was hard.

But I did it. We both did it. And it wasn’t too bad. The teachers stayed with her the entire time. Point is, I was gone for about 10 minutes max. Barely even walked around the block. And then I came right back in to show exactly what the book was trying to show. That, Mama always comes back. But when I walked in, she looked up at me with these all knowing eyes, and not with the extreme joy and happiness that I had envisioned, but the saddest and most pathetic sobbing cry I had ever seen. She then proceeded to collapse into my arms. Important to note, this melodrama lasted about a minute and everything was A-ok again.

Which prefaces nicely, Els’ quote of the day. Right before bedtime. Pen poised in her hand. Notebook sitting opened on her lap.

3 year old quote of the day

That’s my girl, for ya. That’s my girl.

Oh, and I still do highly recommend that book! Transition from home with mom to preschool is hard. And this book at the very least helps your little one become more aware of what’s to come and how it will transpire and end.

Halloween Rocks!

Painting Halloween Rocks

It’s funny because, a jolly old man in a red suit that goes, ho ho ho, scares the bejeebers out of Els. But a spooky white ghost that goes whoooooooo? No way. She loves it. She loves Halloween. I know, partly because she doesn’t quite understand what ghosts and mummies really are… But still, this is coming from a girl who told me to tell Santa to just leave the presents in our mailbox instead of coming down our chimney while we’re asleep. Not to mention the cookies and milk. Those had to stay outside too.

But yes, it’s October. And let the Halloween decorating begin…

Painting Halloween Rocks

I bought a couple bags of medium sized rocks from Michael’s with Halloween colored acrylic paint. We decided to paint some Halloween rocks! There’s Els loving every minute of it. Of course, she had to add some pink. Nothing is official until she adds some pink.

Painting Halloween Rocks

And here’s some of my work. Thank you. Thank you. Those dots took a lot of work.

Painting Halloween Rocks

This was actually a really fun and simple project. The base paint needed a couple coats to cover the rocks and then the rest was easy. Now we can scatter them outside on our front porch and garden. Stay tuned. Lots more of Halloween things to come!

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My First Day

So someone officially started her first day of preschool.

First Day of Preschool Free Printable

And of course, I took that as an invitation for a photo op.

First Day of Preschool Free Printable

I found this free printable chalkboard sign from Just downloaded, printed and stuck it in an old frame I had lying around.

First Day of Preschool Free Printable

Ta-da! First day memories in the making.

First Day of Preschool Free PrintableOf course she was fine because I stayed with her the whole time. We shall see how it goes when it’s finally time for me to leave. Somehow, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. She was checking on me every 2 minutes to see if I was still there. It was hilarious, but not all at the same time. Sigh. Like I said, we shall see… One step at a time.

Wishbone Wishing

Is it wrong that I want to get rid of everything in my home and completely REDECORATE? From scratch. It isn’t, right? I mean, really, what’s life without a little change…? A new ‘perspective’ even.

Since we are now actively in the process of finding a new place, my head is completely spinning. (Or obsessing, whatever you want to call it). My current and greatest obsession?

The Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image courtesy of:


Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image Courtesy of:

Double *sigh.

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image Courtesy Of:

Yes, I’m talking about you.

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image Courtesy Of:

Just think, that could be me. Sitting cool and nonchalant. Writing. Being. Wishbone Chair-ing.

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Images Courtesy of:

Even if it means, buying them one-by-one.

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image courtesy of:

Wait a minute, who are these random people in my home? Lying next to my chesterfield, in front of my wall of windows, underneath my giant crystal chandelier? Oh, hi wishbones.

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image Courtesy of:

Mixing Mid Century Modern with Rustic. Mixing Mid Century Modern with everything.

Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image Courtesy of:

Fitting in anywhere.

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair
Image Courtesy Of:

And if I could, I would. Do this I mean. Completely empty space. And one lone wishbone sitting next to a tiny tree.

I can’t wait to move!!! But not until we find the perfect place, to plant these perfect little specimens of a chair.

Anyone else in love with these as much as me?

Preschool. OMG Preschool!

Guess who’s starting preschool next week? Weeeeeee!

Starting Preschool

Nickname: Huns Buns. Buns. Hunny Bunny. Bunny. Pumpkin. Pumpky. Loves. Els. Bells. (Ok, so it seems … the shorter and rhyme-ier the better).

Favorite Color: Pink. Pink + Purple. Then just pink.
Favorite Sport: “Swimming.”
Favorite Food: Rice. Pizza. More rice.
Favorite Pastime: Arts n’ Crafts!
Favorite Game: Big Sister, Little sister. (She made it up). I’m always the little sister.
Favorite Dessert: i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m.
Favorite Memory: Canada.
Favorite Place: Nordstrom’s kids shoe section (*Free balloons).
Second favorite place: Kidspace.
Favorite Word: Seriously. Like – “I’m hungry. Seriously.”
Favorite Reply: Of course. “Can you pass me that garbage?” “Of course.” “Now remember, no grabbing.” “Of course.” “Can I have a bite of your popsicle?” “Of course.” “Did you remember to pack your doll?” “Of course, mom” =)
Favorite Book: Any of those really LONG Thomas the Train books that I constantly have to filter from the scariness of it all.
Favorite Character: Henry. (Thomas the Train) Although sometimes it’s Gordon. But never ever is it, Diesel 10.
Favorite day: Sunday Funday with dad. Also mom’s favorite day. Mom’s rest day. Ha.
Favorite fruit:  Cantaloupe.
Favorite veggie: Carrots.
Favorite toy: Magformers + Puppy.

And, my favorite quote from this year:

ME: Now that you’re three, you get to start preschool.
ELS: … I think I’ll just stay 2 and a half.

Happy Back to School everybody! Let’s see how much changes next year…


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10 Simple Tips to get your Child to Eat Veggies

Do you offer your child 5 fruits and vegetables daily?  UM… Check. [?]

Key word: Offer.

Since my 3-year-old’s toddler days, she’s come a long way with veggies. She went from a very strong and adamant: not going to have anything to do with greens. To: ok, I think I like these greens after all. Which is nice. But not without effort. And today, I am going to share some of my little tidbits on how I got my 3 year old to meet her 5 a day and eat some freaking veggies already. *Disclaimer: You’re not about to read some ingenious rocket science stuff – which at one point I thought it just might be. But it’s quite the opposite actually. It’s always the simple things…

PS. This also isn’t a sneaky smoothie post if that’s what you’re thinking. This is an actual, getting them to hold, look at and eat some real freaking veggies post. Fruits too. But fruits are easy.

1. Have your child watch other kids eating veggies. Els has a friend a few years older than herself, who she completely loves and admires. This friend just so happens to LOVE broccoli. So I’m sure you can guess who now also loves broccoli.

2. When packing snacks for short outings, only pack fruits or vegetables. No alternatives. I used to pack all kinds of things – crackers, cheese, popcorn… Guess what never got eaten? The veggies. Sometimes limiting the choices makes it easier for them to eat what’s there.

3. Add spinach or kale into all your soups. I add spinach or kale into almost all my daughter’s soups. I just cut it up with my fingers into small pieces. For example, with a classic miso soup, I always add some spinach or kale. It kind of just mixes in with the seaweed, and you can’t even taste it. But you’re still not hiding it.

4. Just put it on display. Meaning, cut up some fruits or veggies and put it out on the table or wherever they are playing. Eventually, they dabble with a bite or two. Like I said, fruits are easy. But once they eat that cauliflower, you’re laughing.

5. Add some peanut or almond butter and raisins. Nothing beats good ol’ fashioned ants on a log. But don’t limit it with just celery. It works with apples, carrots, almost anything if you want them to.

6. Alternatively, add hummus. Hummus works wonders.

7. Make veggies into baked chips. Kale chips are amazing. But so are parsnip chips, carrot chips and beet chips. All it takes is a little olive oil and pinch of salt.

8. Change things up. For example, when steaming veggies, try adding a little bit of salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds. It gives a great nutty flavor. Sometimes all it takes is a change from the everyday.

9. Experiment with unusual concoctions that work. Putting edamame beans inside raspberries. Scooping cantaloupe with a teaspoon and placing it on top of sliced cucumbers. Wrapping carrot sticks with seaweed. Sounds kind of weird, but it’s not. As a kid, I loved eating apples with salt and vinegar chips. People thought it was so weird, but I loved it. Still do! I’m actually still a huge fan of unusual conglomerating. Like kimchi and pasta. Grapes and almonds. Mac and cheese with fish and radish. Brown rice with cheese and pickles. I could go on and on…

10. And last but not least, just cut it up differently. Dice, chop, long strips, thin strips, shapes (if you can), it makes a difference. Kids get excited with the simplest things… Seriously, I once gave Els a whole carrot and she went nuts. It was like the greatest thing ever for her.

*Carrots are choking hazards. Always supervise small children and chop into smaller pieces. As are grapes.*

Also don’t forget to check out your local farmer’s market. Buying seasonal and local fruits are so tasty. And there’s so much to sample… I love samples. As does Els.

Goooooooooood luck!!!

10 Simple Tips to get your Child to Eat Veggies

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