Sunny in California

The one thing I noticed living in Los Angeles, is that people seldom talk about the weather. Not like when I lived in Toronto and every other conversation started or ended up with the weather in some way, somehow, and rightfully so. When it was minus 30 degrees (celsius) outside, and you were numb from head to toe, the only thing that made sense at the moment was to say something about it. And then when the weather turned nice, it was almost obligatory to say something again!  But in LA, the weather never really changes. It is always sunny. It is always beautiful. And as far as weather drama goes, it’s actually pretty drama-less.

However, today, I must say, after a few cold days/nights — I woke up, stepped outside and proclaimed out loud so that everybody can hear: “It’s so beautiful out!” Because it was.

And what better way to spend a beautiful day, than to go to the zoo with your family.

And here we are: brushing goats. Hugging goats. Kissing goats.

Catching a glimpse of a giant Orangutan.  A lazy Zebra. And A flock of beautiful pink flamingos.

And visiting the California Condor Rescue Zone. Feeding a baby condor. Standing in their habitat. And helping clean their living space to make it more safe.

“Did you have fun?” I asked.
“Yeahhhhhhhh!” Els exclaimed with so much joy, I remembered why we do any of this in the first place.

Top 5 Things I Didn’t Expect Being a Mom

1. How unbelievably complicated sleep can be.

Not just the ability to sleep, or the lack thereof. But the constant, CONSTANT working and re-working of sleep and all its gazillion counterparts. No matter how well-read, well- versed, well prepared I thought I could be on this subject – I wasn’t. And I’m still not. Sleep for a baby/toddler is a freaking mystery. A very mean mean mystery.

2. How unbelievably complicated eating can be.

I love food. I’ve always loved food. Not loving food has never crossed my mind. Until now. Because now, I have to take a moment and think at least 3-5 times a day, WHY my toddler does not like food. What it is she doesn’t like. How she liked it yesterday and not today. At what consistency. What specific taste. Which food region. At what temperature. In which seating position. Setting. Spice addition/omission. Display: artistic. Non artistic! And my results are always the same. INCONCLUSIVE. There are too many variables and not enough consistency to solve anything, let alone form a decent hypotheses.

3. How unbelievably complicated breastfeeding can be.

Not just from the beginning, but to the very end. And how ironically, NOT breastfeeding is the most complicated part about breastfeeding. Weaning. Breastfeeding on demand, but trying to find a balance. Scheduling/planning your entire life around your baby and your breast. (Don’t get me wrong on this one, I love bf-ing, am still bf-ing and am 100 percent pro bf-ing. Just saying, it’s more complicated that bada bing bada boom, put the baby on the boob and tada! A cinch! Which I originally thought).

4. How unbelievably complicated sharing can be.

I’ve never even thought about sharing in any other way than how I think about having to go to the bathroom, or drink a glass of water. It’s just second nature. And so when I see my toddler acting like an over-protective Pterodactyl, hoarding and gripping her belongings to her chest, unblinking, standing her ground, not letting go no matter the outcome/circumstance/repercussion, screaming, crying, then other kids crying, I think — WOW. Sharing is a very complex subject matter. And I guess if you think primally, why wouldn’t it be?

And lastly,

5. That I would have to accept the fact that there will ALWAYS be sand in my UGGS.

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In Search of the Perfect Dress

I’m less than two months away from going to the Oscar’s and I am surprisingly calm. Which means, I’m probably in a quiet frenzy that may turn frantic if I don’t do something soon. This is putting aside the major work I’m doing to ensure that I can even GO, working with the babysitter with Els at night, planning the whole day/evening around Els – ah! This is another blog post in itself. See the quiet frenzy I’m talking about? Ok, back to ‘surprisingly calm.’ Back to pretend glam. Back to never never land

First mission: Find a dress. Get inspired. Move and groove.

Right now, I am loving gorgeous backs, sequins, sheer, and BOWS. In no particular order and not necessarily all at once, but my dress must have at least one. My inspiration at the moment:

The Exposed Back

Images Courtesy of: (from L to R),,


Images Courtesy of:,,


Images Courtesy of:,,


Images Courtesy of:,,

Magnificent aren’t they? I am also loving, long sleeves, gold, and just the right amount of BOLD. If I find something close to this level of elegance, I’ll be … happy. Yes, happy’s the right word.


A Year in Review

I have heard that once you have a child, the days will be long, but the years will zip by you. It’s really quite true. I can’t believe 2012 has come and gone, my hair is still disheveled, my home still chaotic and my little darling is two! She has gone from quietly mewling, every 2 hour nursing, crawling to cruising to walking to running, babbling to talking to screaming to talking non-stop, licking, gnawing then exploding with senses, asking relentlessly who, what, where and why, stomping, pushing, pinching, hugging, kissing, canoodling, saying ‘i love you,’ batting her eyelashes with intention and growing, oh my, right before my tired little eyes. Here’s a little year in review…

Credit: Thomas Lee // Photoessay Photography

And my favorite: Els, one year ago, and now.