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Pom Pom Ornaments For the Christmas Tree

It’s been non-stop, cray-cray busy this holiday season. With family coming, house cleaning and organizing, baking, party-going, shopping, wrapping, errand-ing, it’s been a complete whirlwind. But we still managed to get some of these cute pom pom ornaments done for our tree, which looked great by the way next to our simple salt dough ornaments.

I mean, you all know how much I love pom poms. A few Christmas’ ago, I went nuts and made pom pom everything. Including these necklaces which I still LOVE. And this colorful pom pom garland, too.

But this Christmas, we decided to go more in the direction of ‘sweet and simple.’ Don’t we always?  Just take a look at these pom pom ornaments, will you? 
Pom Pom Christmas Tree Ornament

Seriously. How pouf-y and adorable are they? And the best thing is, you don’t need much.Pom Pom Christmas Tree Ornament

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All you need are two items.

  • Yarn. I bought red, green and white.
  • And a handy little pom pom maker.
  • Optional: I found these little wooden star shapes at the Target dollar aisle.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Ornament

My 6 year old can make these pom pom ornaments with her eyes closed. It’s so easy. All you need to do is lift the flaps of the one side of the pom pom maker and wrap the yarn around until nicely covered. Then do the same on the other side. Once fully covered, close the flaps and take a sharp pair of scissors and snip along the middle of the wound up yarn. Once both sides are snipped, tie a piece of yarn through the middle tightly. I make sure to do a couple of tight knots. And then release the flaps one by one, take the pom pom maker apart by actually pulling it apart and TADA – you made yourself a fluffy little pom pom . There should be enough string hanging to be able to tie the string so that you can hang your ornament. Christmas Tree Pom pom ornaments

Next:Christmas Tree Pom pom ornaments

Next:Christmas Tree Pom pom ornaments

If you don’t have a pom pom maker, then you can also use a fork. Click here to find out how. I give step-by-step instructions there.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Ornament

As for the wooden star, I just hung it on a piece of yarn and simply attached it to the pom pom string.Christmas Tree Pom pom ornaments

Tada! I really wanted to get this post out, to give ideas to anyone looking for any last minute Christmas crafts or DIY Christmas tree ornaments to do with the kids. My daughter loved making these. And of course she did. Because she’s like me. She loves pom poms, too. How could you not?!

Ok, I think I’m getting a little loopy. It’s late and Countdown to Christmas has begun!

Happy crafting, everybody!  Happy holidays.

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