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‘BOO!’ Chocolate Ganache Glazed Halloween Cupcakes

If I had to choose between pie or cake, it would always be cake. Frosted or glazed?

Always glazed.

And who knew, glazing a cupcake would be so easy?!

Super simple 'BOO!' chocolate ganache glazed Halloween cupcakes

I found this chocolate ganache recipe on Natasha’s Kitchen and decided to give it a try because it literally is only 2 ingredients and sounded super simple.

Super Simple BOO chocolate ganache glazed Halloween Cupcakes

And it was. All I needed was semi-sweet chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream. Glazing them was also a breeze. All you need to do is dip the cupcake into the ganache, just to the edge of the liner, and hold it above the bowl until it stops dripping. Done.

Super Simple BOO chocolate ganache glazed Halloween Cupcakes

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To decorate the cupcakes, I used a small #3 piping tip with white icing. Because less is always more, I decided on a plain old BOO on all of them. But you can get pretty creative and write or draw anything that works. I personally liked the one with the exclamation point at the end even better. My daughter LOVED piping the icing, and went crazy drawing ghosts, spiders and cobwebs on hers.


For the chocolate cupcakes, I used this delicious recipe. Feel free to use your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. If you want to use a boxed cake mix, I highly recommend this organic cake mix that has similar ingredients to what I used.

Halloween BOO Chocolate Ganache Glaze Recipe
(I glazed 24 cupcakes and had a lot left over, but I liked having the leftovers.)


1 1/3 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup of organic whipping cream

For the Boo icing:

#3 Wilton piping tip
White icing


  1. On med/low simmer the whipping cream until you see tiny bubbling.
  2. Once you see tiny bubbling, REMOVE from heat and pour in the chocolate chips making sure it’s all covered.
  3. Put a lid on the pot for 5 minutes. Do not mix.
  4. Once the 5 mins is up, whisk the chocolate starting from the center until it becomes velvety yumminess.
  5. Let it cool at room temperature without a lid for 25-30 mins.
  6. Once the cupcakes are cool, dip the cupcake into the chocolate right to the edge of the liner and let it drip.
  7. Attach the piping tip on the icing and ice away! Take your time!

And ENJOY! We had so much fun making these. I love how glossy the chocolate glaze looks. And how the white lettering pops in all its glorious simplicity. But it’s not just the aesthetic’s here, these cupcakes and the glaze were – can’t-just-eat-one, super delicious too.

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