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Back to School: Healthy Bento Lunchbox Series

A friend of mine once told me, when you have kids, it will feel like long days, but short years. And it’s so true. I can’t believe my little one is already in first grade. Summer has already come and gone again. And it’s already back to school.

I must say, I miss her. We had such a fun summer together. She discovered the magical world of Harry Potter. Became a kick-ass Tae Kwon Do queen. And mastered the art of mermaid – swimming.

Now it’s just back to me and my little pup, Bear. Chillin’.

AND, I’ve decided to start a back-to-school inspired bento box series to document some of the lunches I’ll be making for the year. Because that’s what I do. Make lunches. Every. Single. Day.

Bento Lunchbox Ideas

Nothing fancy. 365 Whole Foods, sells dinner rolls in their freshly baked bread section, so I picked up a couple and made a honeyed ham sandwich (Applegate) with a little bit of Veganaise. (Vegan Mayo)


Cut up some orange bell pepper. Organic green and red grapes. And 2 yogurt pretzels. Done.

Till next time!

Happy lunch making!

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My favorite bento boxes: Lunchbots, Bentoware, and Yumbox!
All BPA and phthalates free.

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