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Painting Flower Rocks with Markers

Painting Flower Rocks. Crafts for Kids. I wish I was a crazy plant lady, with a crazy talented green thumb. Flowers and plants everywhere. But I’m not. I have a hard enough time keeping my succulents alive. A couple of years ago, I created a mini garden for my then toddler and thought that was a feat in itself. But this year, I thought, why not have some fun and ‘fake it till we make it,’ if you will.

Painting flowers on Rocks with Markers. Cute craft for kids.

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I found these Oil Based Paint Sharpie Markers, and thought my daughter and I could paint our own flowers onto all our rocks we already had strewn around our front patio/garden.

Painting flowers on Rocks with Markers. Cute craft for kids.

We’ve painted rocks before with acrylic paint and brushes like our fun Halloween rocks, but these markers were way easier to use. More precise. And so vibrant.

All we had to do was wash the rocks with water. Let dry. And begin painting. So easy.

Painting Flowers On Rocks

Aren’t they kinda cute?

We made so many together this summer. We will definitely be scattering these around our garden to take us all the way through fall/winter — carrying all of our summer memories with it….

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