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It’s Been…

Hmm. Let’s see…

It’s been: A planning kind of month.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had so much fun doing what I do best. Which is: Making lists. Researching. Organizing. And planning. I’ve also been working on simplifying my life. Working towards a do-able kind of minimalism. And oh yeah, preparing for ya know — the Oscar’s. Teehee. Remember last year when I said going to the Oscar’s was like a once-in-a-lifetime thing? Well, turns out, I get to go again! For a quick recap, here are my last year inspirations: Dress. Hair. Makeup. This year, I’m thinking somewhere along the same lines. We shall see…

It’s also been: A sick kind of month.

My poor daughter came down with something that lasted way longer than usual with fever and a cough.  Then my husband got the same thing. He called it the flu. At first I agreed. Then by day two, while multi-tasking my entire life times three, in a zombie-like disheveled state, I’d bellow out: ‘ how’s your vacation?!’ He didn’t find it funny. I did. Still do. Now when I’m lying down on the couch calling out orders to my husband and he tries to say something, I say: ‘remember how you were on vacation for the last two weeks?’ And he fires back, ‘ I was bed-ridden!’ Exactly.

And I guess I can say, it’s been: A healthy kind of month as well.

In that, I have been eating really clean, full of protein and veggies. Hiking, taking long walks and even doing some light, ‘lazy girl’ exercising – which is a big step for me.  Sooo it’s two sets of 50 sit-ups, in 30 minute intervals. Whatever. It’s something. Right?

Stay tuned! I have Valentine’s goodies coming up! And a delicious St. Patty’s green shake too!

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