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The Lake

Hey everyone! Happy New Year again. Did you write down all your new year’s resolutions?

I did, I did! And I’m so proud of them. Take a look.

My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Shower.
2. Wash face every night. With face wash.
3. Eat real meals. Not a box of crackers. Not my child’s leftovers.
4. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Ok, seven.
5. Brush hair. At least twice a week.
6. Put on make-up. At least once a month.
7. Attempt to put on regular clothes. Not my at-home-clothes covered by long, zipped up jacket.
8. Stop using diaper bag as my purse. Reminder: Child is no longer in diapers.
9. Lose my second-year-after-having-baby weight. Seriously, what’s up with the second year after having baby weight?
And lastly:
10. Get it together. Like, really – get it together!

I am fully aware that some of these may carry over to next year and the year after that, like most unaccomplished new year’s resolutions do… but look what I started last weekend!

The Hollywood Lake

I went hiking. And this was my view.

The Hollywood Lake

With the whole family, by the way. Stroller and all.

The Hollywood Lake

Because this is Lake Hollywood. (There’s the infamous Hollywood sign.) Here’s what makes it great for me:

It’s close.
It’s all flat leveled. (I would have it no other way.)
And paved. (Perfect for strollers.)
Safe for kids.
And just enough ruggedness to make you feel like you’re away from the city, but not walking and squealing and swatting at bugs all day long.

The Hollywood Lake

Can you believe this place is literally in our backyard? I can practically smell the cedar looking at this picture.

The Hollywood LakeAnd we even saw some deer. Aren’t they so beautiful? I know, I know, where there are deer, there are mountain lions. I was clicking my sticks together, no worries.

The Hollywood Lake

I am so happy we found this trail. It’s a good one and a half hour walk, approx. 3.5 miles full circle. There is no uphill insanity like the previous hike in Griffith Park I attempted with my husband. My husband, the big motivator kept saying:  ‘Just make it to the shack. Make it to the shack.’ I responded with: ‘Are there snacks at that shack?!’ Because if there isn’t, I’m not going. It was uphill brutal-ness. And no snacks at that shack by the way.

The Hollywood Lake is so much easier than that. It is also peaceful, not crowded at all, and while walking you come across a wide range of people on bikes, roller blades, you name it.

And of course, Els loves it too. She runs and scoots and relaxes, enjoying the serene view.

Lake Hollywood: Definitely, a must go.

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