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Real Deal

Before this blog, there used to be a girl who would rather incur late fees than return a video on time. Or a library book. She would also much rather feel the wrath of a parking ticket, than move a car during street cleaning hours.

She liked to sleep. And eat. And sleep again. Oh wait. She’s still there – somewhere.

Which is why, at times, when I take a look at my own blog, I think to myself: “WHO AM I?!” Colorful crafting and such. Haha.

This gem of a piece from Mess For Less had me cracking up. She basically called us all out and revealed the ‘Real Truth about Mom Bloggers. She talked about how her other mom friends would feel like bad mothers when she saw her blog and that “interestingly, the original name of [her] blog was going to be ‘You’re a Bad Mom’ but the url was taken.” Interestingly, my blog was originally going to be called Zombie Mommy but that url was taken too.

I would also add on to the list and show my own version of ‘perfect blog picture’ and what my real place looks like 4 inches from the actual perfect blog picture, except that it’s actually quite embarrassing. And then I thought, how about a before ‘clean home photo’ and an after ‘messy toddler photo,’ but I realized I don’t even own a single clean home photo at all.

But her article nails it anyway. In the meantime, I will still continue to write my somewhat relatable mom stories, but make sure to keep posting pictures like this:

Arts n' crafts

With purposeful feathers scattered about, against a soft back light…. While a half box of cheerios are scattered on the floor next to spilled milk from 4 hours ago and 2 days worth of dishes calling out my name.

That is, unless Uncle J is in town. It would then just be 1 day worth of dishes and a prune-y handed uncle with no sleep.

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