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Daylight Savings, Poopie and Ice Cream

I hate daylight savings time.

Even more now that I have a baby. It seems, just as soon as you have your child sleeping at a good time, on a smooth routine, patting yourself on the freaking back, daylight savings happens and screws everything up again. And to top it all off, I was confused all day. Not to mention, the child fell asleep tonight at 10PM.

On the flip side — Els did a little poopie in the potty today! Truly, nothing felt more exciting…

AND we got to go for —

Sprinkles Ice cream.

To none other than, Sprinkles Ice cream in Beverly Hills.

Sprinkles Ice cream.

Where I got myself a:

Sprinkles Ice cream.

Malted chocolate malt ball ice cream on a red velvet cone.

Avec a la —

Sprinkles Ice cream.Peanut butter pretzel chip cookie. (Couldn’t resist.)  A cupcake ice cream sandwich for hubby. And —

Sprinkles Ice cream.A mini scoop on a mini mini cone, that later turned into an upside down cone in a mini mini cup for Els.

And we can’t forget:

Sprinkles Ice cream.Birthday cupcakes for our lovely babysitter.

Lastly, check out this:

Sprinkles Ice cream.

It’s a cupcake ATM machine. Can you believe it?

Only in LA, I say… Only in LA.

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