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What’s In Your Toddler’s Purse?!

What's inside Your Toddler's Purse?

Today, I had a mission.

Find out what the heck is inside my 2 year old’s purse.

The tricky part:  She doesn’t part with it at all. She sleeps with it day and night. And she REFUSES to show me herself.

But risky, obsessively curious me, was willing to compromise a perfect, successful nap just to get a glimpse. And that’s exactly what I did. Luckily she didn’t wake. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like a madwoman on the run with a ticking time-bomb in my hands.

Here’s what I found!

What's inside Your Toddler's Purse?

(Shot these photos with my head looking over and behind my shoulder.)

What's in your Toddler's Purse?!

A measuring tape. (Just in case she needs to measure something, I guess.)
A dying flower.
Some random sticks.
Toast and bananas.
A purse within a purse.
A hungry hippo.
A spoon. Always.
A bent straw.
The letter C. The letter P.
Some heart pastas.
And a recycled case full of ‘treasure.’

This might only be funny to me. But I couldn’t stop laughing! Even if I was scared out of my wits!

One more time!

What's inside Your Toddler's Purse?

Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee!

Ok, I’m feeling guilty. Packing up, and returning stolen item back to rightful owner.

What’s inside your toddler’s purse?!

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