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2013 Oscar’s Come and Gone

Els opening up her little Oscar souvenir the morning after…

2013 Oscar's

What a success! Our babysitter was top notch. She had Els fed, washed, clothed and in bed by 8PM. My husband and I were in our seats watching Adele perform live on the Oscar stage and we get a text message saying: Ella is already asleep. She didn’t cry. And never asked for any of you two. 
Sheesh! We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think we laughed. Of course, we laughed! The night was officially ours.

And what a night! It was so glamorous. So unbelievable. And truly a once in a lifetime feeling. We strutted our stuff down the red carpet. Walked amongst the most beautiful. Drank ample amounts of champagne. Watched a spectacular live show. And partied till the wee hours of the morning at the after party. Oh, and my favorite part — snacks mid-show. They brought us trays of yummy goodness, just when my stomach couldn’t handle all its emptiness. Very fun.

I still feel a little foggy from it all. Like as if it was all a dream. But one thing  I do know is real is this quote. (My own by the way.) Because if Els gets one, why can’t I?

“I wish I had a voice like Adele, and nobody had any idea. And then I bust out with it one day and surprise the hell out of everyone.”  


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