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Make-Up Inspiration

Two more days until glitz and glam!

I found, bought and altered my gown. As well as cut, colored and detangled my hair. All I have left to do now, is figure out my make-up and I think I’m good to go.

Oh wait. I almost forgot I had a toddler. Ack. I have so much to do…

But before I pack our bags, clean like a madwoman, do my pathetic 100 crunches, and eat something – anything!  I thought I’d share my make-up inspiration for the moment.

Evening Make Up Inspiration.
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A gold smoky eye. Nude/pink lipstick + gloss. (MAC patisserie) And nude/pink nails. (OPI bubble bath)

Getting excited!

Stay tuned for babysitter ‘Kid Kits!’ I’m working on putting together the ultimate ‘kid kit’ for Els and her babysitter. Must have in it, everything and anything to distract her from thinking about mommyMommy really meaning boobies

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