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10 Random Things My 2 Year Old is All of a Sudden Scared Of…

1. Sidewalks.
Because there are ‘wormies’ on them. The ‘wormies’ being the thin pinecones that fall from trees after it rains.
2. Oven Mitts. 10 random things my 2 year old is scared of
Once just that. Now — evil, scary, menacing puppets.
3. Jackets hanging from a coat hook.
Actually, everything hanging from a coat hook.
4. The heater.
The woes of apartment dwelling and gas heaters.
5. Bats in storybooks.
Including Christopher Robin dressed up in a bat costume.
6. Octopuses.
Especially if they are hiding under things.
7. Swiper the fox.
“Because he takes things away.”
8. Shadows.
9. Lentil soup.
I blame my husband for this one. He once strayed from the recipe and added too much spinach. It looked like vomit. Els opened up the leftover in the pot and jumped back half a mile. Lentil soup was never the same to her since.
10. The dark.
Bedtime has gotten that much harder.

I’m hoping that this is just a phase. And I’m trying not to make a big deal of it. In some ways, it’s a good thing. Because I was once afraid that she was too fear – LESS. I also get that it’s a developmental milestone of some sort. But refusing to walk on a sidewalk, is just LOONY!

Anyone else experiencing this strange sudden shift? Let’s talk!

8 thoughts on “10 Random Things My 2 Year Old is All of a Sudden Scared Of…”

  • Yep, i’m with you on this one. My son changed from being a fearless little toddler into a rather anxious little preschooler around 2 and a half. He suddenly developed a fear of the dark, going to nursery, loud noises (Ok that one was actually always an issue), crouds, his favourite cuddly toy (which was banished from the bedroom and never invited back).
    He hasn’t really grown out of it I’m afraid (he’s three and a bit now).
    I’m pinning your post to the Sunday Parenting Party Pinterest board, thanks for sharing

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