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Good-Bye Messy Mommy Bun

And not the cute kind of messy bun either…

I’m moving on to HAIR inspiration! Because, wait for it —  I found and bought a dress for my big night out! It’s a beauty of a gown from Alice + Olivia, black, classy, just the right amount of sparkle, strapless, soft and flowy, with a bit of lovely sheer. If you forgot, or haven’t read my dress inspiration post, here it is! It comes close, very close. And I’m definitely happy.

Moving on! As the title states, good-bye messy mommy bun — uncombed, matted tangles and all! Here’s what I’m thinking:

Hair Inspiration for big night out.
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Long, side cascading waves. Glamourous wavy blow-out. Long, side pony up-do.

I’m leaning towards, Angelina and Carrie. Angelina minus the stance. And Carrie minus the blonde.

Quite frankly, my hair can’t wait for a little TLC, not to mention compliments, and a day without being pulled, yanked, unfairly tossed aside, neglected and cursed at. In fact, I think this post is a bit of a wake-up call. No more unflattering mommy pony’s! If time permits that is. Or shall I say, if my toddler permits…

Alright, well at least I’ll try to brush it once in a while.

Tell me what you think of my picks!

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