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Virtual Book Club for Kids: The Teddy Bear project – Part One

I love libraries. Always have. Something about the smell of old books, the hushed sounds coupled with heavy thuds of books being re-shelved and stacked. Conversing with the librarian, asking questions, looking row by row for books that have been misplaced and then finding it. What a feeling.

And that’s why, I love the Virtual Book Club for Kids that I discovered through Play Dr Mom. It’s a great way to explore new books and authors and read beyond what we know or see. The author of the month: David McPhail.

Els and I chose: The Teddy Bear.

Book Inspired Crafts/ActivitiesWhat a great little read. It’s a heartwarming tale of a boy who lost his beloved teddy bear in midst of the ‘sleeping toddler, must get him home asap, don’t wake him’ chaos, and suffers the loss when he wakes up the next morning. While the little boy mourns, the story shifts to a homeless man who finds the bear in the dumpster who befriends it and then grows attached to it. In the end, by chance, the little boy finds his bear abandoned on a bench and picks it up, only to hear an aged old homeless man crying. The boy turns to look at the man, who is frantically looking for the bear, and runs towards him and hands it over to him. The man sobs and thanks him profusely proclaiming that he “wouldn’t know what [to] do without him,’ and the boy replies, “I know what you mean. I used to have one just like him.”

I’d like to think Els would do the same, but somehow I just picture her gripping the bear tight to her chest, running the other way and declaring: ‘MINE!’

Either way, here is our Teddy Bear book inspired creation for the day.

A teddy bear bento box lunch, because I’m just that bento box kinda girl.

Book inspired Bento Box lunch

DIY Brown rice and avocado seaweed wraps. (Just put some rice and avocado on a seaweed, fold and eat!) Hard-boiled egg shaped like a teddy bear. Cherry tomatoes. Strawberries for dessert.

Book inspired bento box lunch.

Reading and eating. Fun.

Book inspired bento box lunch.

Book Inspired Bento Box Lunch. The Teddy Bear by David McPhail.

Stay tuned for Part two. A lesson in giving. Care package for the homeless.

Book Inspired Bento Box Lunch and care package. The Teddy Bear by David McPhail.

Have you read any good children’s books lately? Please share!

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