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Virtual Book Club for Kids: The Teddy Bear Project – Part Two

Our second book inspired activity was a little lesson in giving.

Book inspired activities with toddlers.

Since the book centers on a homeless man who encounters a selfless, generous little boy, I thought it would be nice to make our local homeless man a little care package. I got Els involved. After I explained what we were doing and who we were doing it for, she seemed genuinely willing and compassionate.

She decided to ‘share’ her favorite snacks. She also picked out ‘presents’ on her own. Hence, the Hello Kitty band-aids.

Book inspired activity. Care package for homeless.

She also made the hearts. Foam hearts with foam glitter stickers. PS. If you want your toddler busy, buy them foam boards and stickers. Els loves them. And I love them too. Because I can rest. For 20 minutes.

Book Inspired Activity for Toddlers. Care package for homeless. David McPhail, The Teddy Bear.

And there you have it. Although she’s a bit young to fully understand everything, it was fun nevertheless! Especially watching her excitement when picking out snacks, and packing it all up in a bag. (She LOVES packing.) I think she will be even more excited when we drop it off. Either that, or she’ll run the other way and make ‘mommy do it.’

In any case, today, it looked like she loved the idea of giving ‘presents’ just as much as receiving. Which is nice to see in anyone, let alone a toddler.

Book Inspired Bento Box Lunch and care package. The Teddy Bear by David McPhail.

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