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Toddler Play Date Valentine Gifts

I think my favorite part about this age, (two years) is watching Els start to play with friends. I mean, beyond the scoping, judging, side-by-side playing, tugging and crying and warring – but really interacting and conversing, building sand castles, asking questions, playing — together. It’s a huge milestone, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

But what I find even more satisfying than watching her play with playmates, is watching her give them presents. The exchange, the smiles, the giddiness — you just want to squish them.

Els’ going to go nuts giving these out. Either that, or she’ll try to claim all of them as her own.

Toddler Valentine gift ideas

*NO SUGAR ADDED.* Because sugar makes toddlers go bonkers. It does to my toddler anyway.

Toddler Play Date Valentine Gifts.I bought little clear bags and filled it with crackers, Pom Poms and googly eyes, and beads with valentine themed pendants. Some pink feathers. Heart shaped crayons. And I also bought some mini play dough in pink. These came in a package at Target, but you can easily make your own. Here’s a link for a homemade organic play dough recipe.

I decided to keep it simple. Didn’t want to overwhelm the little tots, and also wanted it to keep with the ‘just a little something’ vibe.

Toddler Play date Valentine Gifts.

Toddler Play date Valentine Gifts.

Some other ideas, while keeping it light and simple:

Heart shaped crayons.
Valentine foam heart boards and foam stickers.
Valentine Stamps.
Heart bubbles.
Pirate’s Booty snacks with a pink ribbon.
Freeze-dried fruit snacks.
Heart beads and pipe cleaners.
Pink feathers, beads and clay.
Homemade dried strawberries.

Or just a nice homemade Valentine’s card, saying:
I like being friends. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Toddler Play date Valentine Gifts.

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