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Can’t Get Enough of Those Beads

The beads and pipe cleaners from the last post have been a huge success with Els. She can’t get enough of them. But she has moved on from the actual beading to (in her books) bigger and better and more fun things! Here is how the rest of the day and the day after that, transpired…

Fun with Beads.The animals are hungry. Time to feed them hearts.

Toddler fun with beads.

The train’s coming with more food. And more hungry animals!

Toddler Fun with Beads.

Time to give the beads a bath.

Toddler Fun with Beads.

Squish. Swoosh. Splash.

Toddler Fun with Beads.

Can’t forget the animals. They need a bath too! Jump piggy.

Toddler fun with Pipe Cleaners

“I need my pipe cleaners!” Time to play again. Phew. The animals made it  safely to the top of the squiggly mountain.

Endless! How much toddlers can do with simple materials.

I just wish my energy could keep up with her imagination…

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