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In Search of the Perfect Dress

I’m less than two months away from going to the Oscar’s and I am surprisingly calm. Which means, I’m probably in a quiet frenzy that may turn frantic if I don’t do something soon. This is putting aside the major work I’m doing to ensure that I can even GO, working with the babysitter with Els at night, planning the whole day/evening around Els – ah! This is another blog post in itself. See the quiet frenzy I’m talking about? Ok, back to ‘surprisingly calm.’ Back to pretend glam. Back to never never land

First mission: Find a dress. Get inspired. Move and groove.

Right now, I am loving gorgeous backs, sequins, sheer, and BOWS. In no particular order and not necessarily all at once, but my dress must have at least one. My inspiration at the moment:

The Exposed Back

Images Courtesy of: (from L to R),,


Images Courtesy of:,,


Images Courtesy of:,,


Images Courtesy of:,,

Magnificent aren’t they? I am also loving, long sleeves, gold, and just the right amount of BOLD. If I find something close to this level of elegance, I’ll be … happy. Yes, happy’s the right word.


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