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A Little Bit of Sugar. A Little Bit of Spice.

SO, my name is Jane. And I am a Leo. My daughter Els, is a Capricorn. I would consider myself more sweet. Els, definitely spicy. And so it goes

I like to eat dessert before dinner, but if I had to choose between dessert or dinner it would always be dinner. Els – she chooses snacks.
I love everything stripes. Els loves polka dots. Together, we sometimes look like a walking hot-striped-polka-dotted mess.
I have this thing where I can’t resist looking at a vending machine in passing. Especially in other countries. Els can’t resist them either. She finds extreme joy pushing quarters into the slot one by one and pressing the giant, lit-up buttons.
It seems that everyday, I surprise myself at how much I DON’T know, and Els surprises me everyday of how much she DOES.
For instance: did you know that sunflower seeds come from sunflowers? And that clouds are nothing but condensed water vapor? I bet you Els does. Well maybe not the cloud thing, we both just call them giant fluffs.
I would consider myself the absolute antithesis of what people would call a ‘snob.’ In fact, I would seat Valentino, Descartes and Charlie Brown all at the same table and be okay with it. Els is the same. She hosts sit down parties with zebras and lions sharing tea biscuits. Not to mention Cookie Monster and Barbie sharing a bath.
Lastly, I have an extraordinary selective talent/memory for remembering everything I wore on every occasion. Same goes for everything I ate. Els – she remembers everything I tell her I am going to buy her – next time.

And that is that. My 22 month old, and I.

My husband and I can’t help but laugh when we think of her. Just in that zesty, hilarious kind of way.

Indeed, we are very much: attached at the hip, similar yet so different, best, true love, good old bosom buddy, forever and ever and EVER, friends…

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