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Everything but the…

Before I had a baby, I had what seems like – ALL the time in the world. I could do anything. I could do nothing. At anytime. Any day. I could be. Not be. And be again. That was my life. Easy breezy. Sleepy lazy. Time.

It’s funny and kind of, unfunny all at the same time, that I choose now as opposed to then to start this blog. Specifically because my time is now defined by cold and unbuttered half eaten english muffins and a barely there shower if you will. But I guess, just like deciding to have a baby or quitting smoking or starting your first novel — there’s never the perfect time to do it. You just gotta do it.

So here I am! A recent transplant from the Great White North to the sunny Southern coast. From single to dating to married. Childless to with child. From toques to sombreros. And long johns to sunscreen – Welcome! As I fervently brave the land of everything mommy and baby, food and frenzy, calm, stupor, creating, living, love and all its findings…

So what’s this blog about, you ask? I guess, it’s kind of like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – Everything but the

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